SP 20 Actors Improv Class | Ages 9 to 15 | Mondays | 6 to 7pm |18 weeks |

Actors Improv Class | Ages 9 to 15 | Mondays | 6 to 7pm |18 weeks|

Dates: January 27- June 1st

 No Registration, Production or Costume Fees

Instructor:   Jordan Whidbey, WSPA Theatre Faculty

  Class Description: 

Want to improve your acting skills, comedic timing, mental quickness, and gain confidence onstage without needing to do all that pesky memorizing? Then you want to be in this improv class. Through theater games and making up stories collaboratively you'll learn how to make big acting choices quickly (a skill many directors look for in auditions. Even if none of that is your thing, it'll still be incredibly fun. They're called improv GAMES for a reason. 

 This is a fun class that builds: trust, confidence and community. Have you ever wondered how the fight scenes are choreographed in film and theater? Would you like to know the secrets of hand to hand for theatrical staging? This course will also teach you the many ins and outs of stage combat. From swords to hand to hand to prop fights with vases and pots this is FUN! The course is taught in a safe and fun environment with plenty of explanation so the blood is fake too!

Attire: Comfortable clothing and sneakers

Category: Theatre

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