SP 20 Teen Play Practice (Script Reading) |Mondays | 7:00-8:00 | Ages 13- 18 yrs | 18 weeks |

F 19  Teen Play Practice (Script Reading)  |Mondays  | 7:00-8:00 | Ages 13- 18 yrs | 18 weeks 

Starts Monday January  27th  ( join anytime! at a pro- rated price)

This class will culminate in a set of scenes on the mainstage of Chief Sealth Auditorium. 

No Registration, Production or Costume Fees

Instructor:   Jordan Whidbey, WSPA Theatre Faculty

Description: Teens step back into old England and explore the dynamic and poetic writings of William Shakespeare.Let's face it, understanding Shakespeare is difficult but it's incredibly useful. In this class you'll learn how to decode that flowery language and really use it. After taking a command of Shakespeare's writings you'll be able to paint pictures with your words and convey emotions to an audience even if they can't quite understand everything you're saying. You'll also be able to turn your emotions "up to 11" just like Shakespeare's characters do. Come learn how to decode the words of William Shakespeare. 

His humor and imagery comes alive in this course where diction and phrasing entertain and delight. This is a great course for budding actors. Bring the work to the stage and test your skills in front of a live audience in May when we take on the mainstage in West Seattle and perform.

Attire: Comfortable clothing and sneakers

Category: Theatre

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