SM 22 Open Adult Beginner/ Ballet | Mondays |5:30-6:45p.m. | July 11- Aug. 8 |

 SM 22  Open Adult  Beginner/Intermediate Ballet | Mondays |5:30-6:45p.m. |

July 11- Aug. 8 |


 Instructor: Era Terry, WSPA Dance Faculty 
Description:  Beginner/ Intermediate Ballet Adult ballet is designed for dancers who have had ballet training in the past and are ready to jump back in or want to take their first step into the classroom and try a classical ballet class. Barre work, centre floor combinations, stretching, and light jumps will all be offered in this one hour class. Live the Dream and take a class!


Attire Solid colored  Leggings, or tights leotard or tight- t-shirt, ballet slippers, hair back. Basically, instructors want to see your body at work. 

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