Spring 24 |4:00-5:00| Creative/ Pre Ballet 1 | Ages 3-5 | Wednesday | Juarez | $480| 18 weeks|


Spring 24 |4:00-5:00| Creative/Pre- Ballet Level 1 | Ages 3-5 |   Wednesday | Juarez|

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Instructor:  Christine Juarez,  WSPA Dance FacultyWSPA 

Creative Pre- Ballet Level 1 (3-5 yrs). is for students who are turning 5 before or around December. This is an introductory class that will emphasize and builds on locomotion, fine motor skills, basic ballet movement vocabulary, an introduction to stretching, and balancing at the barre, improvisational guided exercises. A strong introduction to tempo, counting, Rhythm, percussion instruments, and sequencing. Fun imagery, props, and joy are all a recipe for Pre- Ballet level 1.


Attire: PLEASE NO SKIRTS  USe  CODE:   TP118227

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Please use WSPA Code:  Teacher ID: TP118227 

Girls "Belle" Leather Full Sole Ballet Slippers   - Pink Style No: S0227G

Child and Toddler Basic Tank Leotard - Pink Style No: CL5405

Toddler Studio Basics Footed Tights -Style No: 1825X

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