F 22 Adult Beginner/ Intermediate Modern Dance| Fridays | 9:30-10:30 | Morser

F 22 Adult Beginner/ Intermediate  Modern Dance| Fridays | 9:30am-10:30 am Morser

 Starts Sept 13- Jan 25

Thanksgiving Break Nov 24-27 ( Makeup classes will be scheduled)

The class that makes your dreams of dancing come true!

Madeline Morser: WSPA Dance Faculty

 Beginner/Intermediate  Modern is a great introductory course for those who have always wanted to dance and now have the time and desire to do so or for those getting back into Modern Class. The class will introduce floor work, build core strength, the big plus in this class will give attention to alignment and posture. 

Stretching and sequencing will be part of every class. Center work combinations that will introduce turning, and locomotion across the floor. This is a well-rounded work out and fun.

Attire: Comfortable clothing, yoga pants, sweats, leggings, leotard, t- shirt are options, 


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