Adaptive Dance Class | Wed. 5:30-6:15 | 5- 12 yrs | 4 Class Workshop |

WSPA Adaptive Dance Class ( 4 classes ) 
April 18May 2May 16, 30   Wednesday 5:30-6:15  $70  
5 yrs- 12 yrs. 
Instructor: Kellsie Steele
Wednesday's 5:30-6:15 dance class is designed for children who have special needs and may need more of a flexible working environment. We begin each class with a high energy warm up, followed by practicing using our bodies to work on a theme for the day through a routine.  We then have some mat time to roll around and learn more about our bodies, finishing with Free dance. We set reasonable goals and this is why we have rewarded free style dance at the end of class. We have themes for the day (big moves vs small moves, switching sides, soft vs sharp) and incorporate these themes into small repeated routines. 
We make sure to try and stick as best we can to the schedule and identify after we have accomplished something before moving forward.
I have been working with children with special needs for over 10 years in private and public dance environments and have seen the amazing growth that can happen through the power of dance. I also have a 5 year old niece who has found herself on the autism spectrum. This too has allowed me to watch her journey in therapy, at school, etc. I understand the journey that we are all on in finding out how our children can best come to boost there body awareness and connect with others. I also realize that every journey is different, so I do my best to take into account the particular needs of the child and the family.
Overall, it is a High energy, explorative, rewarding, class where I hope every child can have fun while learning more about the body and feel how the act of dance truly touches the spirit. 
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