SP 20 Ballet 4/ Pre-Pointe | Ages 10 to 12 | Wed. 5:45- 7:15/Fri 4:30-6:00 |

Ballet 4/Pointe | Ages 10 to 12 | Twice Weekly |   5:45 to 7: 15 pm  and Friday 4:30-6:00| 18 weeks. 36 classes. 54 hours of Instruction | $1,300

No Registration, Production or Costume Fees

January 29th- June 5th

Performance Dates: May 16- 17th

Instructor: Christine Juarez, Director WSPA and Madeline Morser WSPA Dance Faculty

Ballet 4 is most often taken along with:

Rehearsal 4  Romeo  and Juliet Fridays following Technique class  for those students who crave working on more choreography the Spring Ballet and will be in a minimum of 3 dances. 

  Modern 4/5,

Jazz, 4/5 

Hip Hop 4.

 Attire: All Dancers need a camisole White Leotard and Black Leotard. A Nude Leotard is also suggested. 

 Boys: White ankle socks, White Ballet Slippers, white  Short Sleeve Leotard

  Ballet 4 is a minimum of a two to three year intermediate/advanced technical level. On the rare occasion a student can audition to start dance in level 4/5 if they have had previous experience or show exceptional talent to jump levels to begin. Ballet 4/5 is a love that prepares young girls for pointe and young males for exceptional. The concepts of locomotion, body awareness, pathways, dance vocabulary, sequencing, musicality, and a strong emphasis on anatomy, core strength in the use of proper alignment are strongly taught at this level. An 18 week curriculum is followed that bases each class on concepts of movement, space or the body and how it functions. Stretching will be heavily included to increase range of motion. Ballet 4/5continues with a full barre, center work petite allegro and grand allegro exercises. It continues to dig deeper into the classical ballet vocabulary French vocabulary and the use of musical terms Students are invited to start Pre-Pointe in year 2 once they show proficiency in holding alignment, strength and turn out.


Teaching philosophy: I have a very strong philosophy of respect in the classroom. student to teacher, teacher to student ,students to each other, the space and the learning environment. Every student is an individual that learns in a unique way. My job as a teacher is to choose the best language and examples to create a stimulating and playful learning environment. I choose to eliminate negative words in the classroom like” No”,” not” or” wrong.” I believe in transparency. I crave an authentic and healthy relationship with both my students and their families.

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