F 21 Teen Tap Beginner | Ages 11 to 15 | Wednesdays |6:30-7:30 |

 F 21 Teen Tap Beginner  | Ages 11 to 15 | Wednesdays  |6:30-7:30 | 

No additional Registration, Production or Costume Fees

 Tentative Performance December 10, 11, 12 Cheif Sealth Auditorium

Instructor: Dori Raynolds, WSPA Dance Faculty

Attire: Black leggings, T-shirt leotard  is optional underneath and tap shoes. Hair back and no jewelry.


Tap 2-3spans 8-12 yrs. years and is open to students who have tapped in the past at an introductory level or are starting tap with a strong intent to learn. Tap 2-3 will encompass strong locomotion across the floor, traditional footwork and repetition of musical rhythms and strong sense of musicality. Body percussion and basic combinations will also be taught. More complex combination will be introduced as students progress.


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