Mu 20 ! Children’ Choir | Wednesdays 3-4pm| Ages 6 to 13 | March 11- June 3 | 12 classes

 Mu 20  |  Children’ Choir | Ages 6 to 13 | March 11- June 3 | 12 classes 

Wednesdays 3-4 p,m,    


Audrey Collins, WSPA Music Coordinator and Instructor

Audrey Collins, Music Coordinator and Instructor for WSPA  holds an MFA in Vocal Performance, From Bard as well as a BFA  in Sculpture from Massachusetts College of Art and Design ( MassArt).    This advantageous duality allows her to not only teach technique and ability for piano and voice, but also to focus on the artistry and conceptual ideas of musical expression.  She has run a private music studio for over a decade on the East Coast and has recently transplanted to the Pacific Northwest. She, has taught multitude of instruments and also plays guitar and cello. She has held  classes and workshops at various schools and performing centers. She performs regularly in Seattle, and elsewhere. WSPA Welcomes her!

 Class Description:
 Join a dynamic core of singers who participate in formal warm ups and learn  how to use their voices to the best of each of their unique abilities. Students participate in choosing which songs they study and the term culminates in a showing of workat WSPA on June . This is a sweet and pre-professional introduction to vocal coaching in a group setting.