SP 20 | Modern 1 and 2 | Tuesdays |5:00-6:00 | 6- 8 yrs. | Morser |

SP 20 |  Modern 1 and 2 |  Tuesdays  |5:00-6:00| 6- 8  yrs. | Morser

Starts: February 16- June 15

Spring Break: April 12- 16

TBD: " Live" Spots will become available when we are directed to  have in person classes. We anticipate this by February.  Class " Live " spots  size may be limited. Masks will continue to be required. 

Payment Plans available on request email: westseattlepa@gmail.com


 No Registration, Production or costume fees.

Order Online " Discount Dance Supply"Use our school Code  TP 118227

Bloch dancer's Children mask recommended for comfort

Attire: Black Leggings, Solid colored black leotard- T-shirts may be worn. Hair must be back in a ponytail. 

 Instructor:  Madeline Morser. Dance Faculty, WSPA


Modern  1 and 2 is an 18-week course that embraces a full spectrum of movement including working through a rounded spine as well as tilted balances, movement on the floor, and patterns across the floor. Working with the music, understanding tempo and rhythmic patterns will be taught. Combinations will be built in each class and reviewed the following week to gain
confidence and mastery. Modern 1- 2 is a great introductory class and will work on being filmed
for our winter performance which will be a " Virtual" performance. 

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