TN-AD -1 Open Teen and Adult Ballet Mondays 7:00-8:30

  Instructor: Christine Juarez
$15 Production fee included for spring performance.
Open/Teen Adult Ballet is an 18 week course. This class is taught at a Beginner  and Intermediate level. Those with training and those that have any dance or movement training are welcome. The class will accommodate both levels. Intermediate dancers will be challenged with more turns, beats and complicated combinations.
This class will incorporate a full barre, stretching, centre combinations and jumps. Males and Females are encouraged to take this class.
 Attire: Females any solid colored leotard, pink tights or black leggings, pink ballet slippers, hair up, no jewelry, warm ups can be worn. Males black leggings or tight sweats, White leotard or white T-shirt- black ankle socks and black ballet slippers.

Category: Dance