SP 21 " Nutcracker 2020 Small Clara G"


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  There are two versions of Nutcracker:   

*Nutcracker Big Clara H

*Nutcracker Small Clara G

Please check the cast list below to see if your dancer is in this version>.

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  The Cast: 

 The Nutcracker Show H - Little Clara


Sage Liddell  

 Mrs. Stalbaum- Lisa Bajocich


Leona Hill, Curtis Juarez, Vanessa Juarez, Emma Hess- Yoder

Party Scene Children

Kathe Su, Avi Rordian, Harper Darnell, Cailin Stampe, Khloe Song, Gabriel; Eberle

Little Ballerina Dolls

Vanessa Juarez,  Ellie Smith, Emily Mallicone, Sienna Prince

Small Arabian

Lillian Ordell, Peyton Plenkovich

Ballerina Doll

Daphne Sweetland

Soldier Doll

Kate Edelstein


Emme Bajocich, Natalia Zambiasi, Lola Allison, Sienna Shoemaker

Mouse Queen

Mae Bouvier


Elizabeth Greene, Lola Gasbarra, Crane Banker, Natalie Warren


Lois Barton

Little Snowflakes

Mila Hall,Elle Hunt,Lucy Malloy, Isla Nohle, Isabelle Sewell

Big Snow

Sam Sherick, Kalea Tschirhart, Lula Wendel, Alyssa Noble

Snow Lead

Max Howard

Escorts into Candy Land

Anneke Vanderspeke, Gabriel Eberle, Maddie Crocco, McKinnley Long, Dior Webb, Zoe Wilcox


Finlay MacRae

Dewdrop/ Sugar Plum Court

Mae Bouvier, Lois Barton, Natalie Warren

Sugar Plum

Sylvi Schellong, Kalea Tschirhart


Max Howard


Elizabeth Greene, Mae Bouvier, Natalie Warren


Sam Sherick, Lula Wendel

Mother Ginger

Natalie Warren

Russian Trio

Max Howard, Rose Lindblom, Finlay MacRae


Kate Edelstein, Max Howard, Daphne Sweetland, Jade Schmittner, Finlay MacRae, Rose Lindblom

Arabian Corps

Rose Lindblom, Daphne Sweetland, Finlay MacRae, Kate Edelstein, Max Howard

Arabian Lead

Jade Schmittner

Waltz Lead

Jade Schmittner

Waltz Corps

Sam Sherick, Kalea Tschirhart, Alyssa Noble, Lula Wendel

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