WSPA Holiday Workshop 8-11 yrs. Dec. 28-29 10:00-1:30

 Join us for two days of action and fun. The day will start with a movement class exploring contemporary dance, ballet and choreography. Improvisation will also be a part of this movement class. Afternoon classes in Music Madness! How can you keep tempo with a flashlight?  Music  Madness! takes music exploration to a fun level using props and  games to explore tempo, rhythm, accents, and more.  Children's Acting will take characterization to a new level inviting students to push out of their comfort zone and play. Role Play and Etiquette  will play with social interactions in this day and age and let  students gain a new perspective on how to act in different situations.

Brown Bag lunch ( bring your own) water and snacks provided throughout the day .Comfortable clothing. Ballet gear slippers . Hair up. Let us know if your student has any allergies.


Christine Juarez: Movement

Marianne Bratsanos: Music

TBD: Imagination Theater

Christine Juarez :Role Play and Etiquette