F 19| Men's Ballet Partnering | 13- Adult | Sundays | 12:30-1:30| 18 weeks|

F 19| Men's Ballet Partnering | 13- Adult | Sundays | 12:30-1:30 | 18 weeks|

No Registration Fees

 Course: 18 weeks  Drop In  Rate $28

Instructor: Thomas Fontana; WSPA Dance Faculty

 Bio: Mr. Fontana studied dance at Cornish College of the Arts as a child and is currently dancing in the professional division of the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Coming from a family of renowned academic teachers he brings a positive, motivating manner to teaching with the knowledge of clean technical skills. WSPA is thrilled to have him in the classroom. 


Class Description:   Men's technique is geared towards intermediate and advanced male dancers with emphasis on turning, petite and grand allegro exercises. Male Dancers that have studied  for 3 or more years and are teens and above would gain from taking this class. Stamina, strength and coordination.

Attire:  White -t shirt, black tights, white ballet slippers.

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