SP 21 Hip Hop 4 | Ages 11 to 14 | Wednesdays | 4:00-5:00 | (Steele) |

SP 21 Hip Hop 4 | Ages 13 to 14 | Wednesdays | 4:00-5:00 | 18 weeks | (Steele)
February 15 - June 14

(Limited Class Size 6 total, Zoom participation please notate zoom when you register. Live students masks required)

Payment Plans available on request email: westseattlepa@gmail.com

WSPA Virtual Performance Planned for December TBA
No Registration, Production or Costume Fees
Instructor:  Kellsie Steele, WSPA Faculty
Class Description:
Hip Hop 4 requires previous hip op training or a placement class to determine that this is the correct level. Traditional hip hop combinations will be offered along with popping and animation to broaden the urban street style experience. High energy and control of the body. Hip Hop 3/4 will be taught at an intermediate level. Quick learners are also welcome. Fun upbeat environment.
Attire: Sneakers, comfortable clothing, hair back out of face, T-shirts, jeans, sweats.

Category: Dance