NEW ! Introductory to Children's Modern Tuesdays | 4:30-5:15| 5-7 yrs |

NEW ! Introduction to Children's Modern   Tuesdays | 4:30-5:15| 5-7  yrs |

January 30- June 5th

$295 includes  production fee for Spring Performance May 19- 20th Chief Sealth Auditorium.

Attire: Black Leggings, Solid colored black leotard- T-shirts may be worn. Hair must be back in a ponytail. 

 Instructor: Christine Juarez

 Introduction to Children's Modern is a fun step into the world of modern dance where movement is curved and down and up from the floor, shapes, rounded backs flexed feet are introduced as part of the technique. Creative improvisation and the exploration of movement concepts such as dab, punch, wring, float, slash, glide and so many more are introduced and explored in a 3 dimensional setting. This class takes creative movement to the next step by including technique and composition where dancers make movement choices and compose there own movement phrases and become developing choreographers.

Category: Dance