J 23 Adult Introductory Ballet Barre | Ages 12- Adult | Monday |6:45-7:45|

J Term 23 Adult Introductory Ballet Barre | Ages 12- Adult |   Monday | 6:45-7:45 |

Start Date: January 2nd - January 23rd

Instructor:  Sana Tepley , WSPA Dance Faculty


Introductory  Ballet  Barre is a great introductory course for those who have always wanted to study Classical Ballet and want an entry-level class.  and now have the time and desire to do so. The class will begin with basic ballet exercises that will teach the basic positions of the feet and arms. The big plus in this class will give attention to alignment and posture. Core strength is guaranteed to increase. 

Stretching and sequencing will be part of every class. Center work ( working without the barre)  and small ( petite ) and large (  grand ) jumps will all be taught

Attire: Females:  Pink tights solid colored leotard,  pink ballet slippers. Male dancers: black leggings, teens ( dance belt) white leotard or white t-shirt. White socks and white ballet slippers.  Long hair in a bun.