J Term 23 Children's Acting and Improvisation | Tuesdays | 5:15-6:00 Ages 6-8 yrs.|

J Term 23 Children's Acting and Improvisation | Tuesdays|5:15-6:00| Ages 6-8 yrs.|

Start date:  January 3rd - January 24th

Children's Acting is a studio class and will not be preparing for a performance. 


Instructor: Thaddeus  Isaac WSPA Theater Faculty 

Description:  Improvisation 

Do you have an actor in the family? Is it time to put down electronics and learn how we read someone else's facial expressions, tone and body language? This class  will guide students  in theater games and scene work and encourage them to dig deap and jump out of the ordinary and stretch themselves. Exploring characterization, emotions, body language and the dynamics between humans this class covers it all and a fun and accepting environment.
Attire: comfortable clothing