Advanced Jazz | Ages 13 to 20 | Wednesdays | NEW TIME 7:45 to 8:45pm | 18 weeks (Steele)

Advanced Jazz | Ages 13 to 20 | Wednesdays | 7:45 to 8:45m | 18 weeks | $420 (Steele)
Starts September  12- January 23
No Registration, Production or Costume Fees
 Winter Performance December 7,8 Cheif Sealth Auditorium
Instructor:  Kellsie Steele, WSPA Dance Faculty
  Advanced Jazz Lab is the perfect solution to experience both traditional " sassy" jazz along with Lyrical Jazz. Ms.Steele can straddle both styles and sets stimulating challenging choreography. There will be 9 weeks of Jazz and 9 weeks of Lyrical Jazz. Lyrical Jazz  is a form of choreography that is narrative it build its technique on  allet and jazz training and is a hybrid form of jazz that is narrative and expressive emotionally. Warm up and center work  included  with heavy emphasis on teaching a combination that is added to weekly.
Attire: Black leggings,solid colored leotard, lyrical sandals, and Jazz shoes Hair must be worn back. 
 Pre- Requisite; Students must have intermediate ballet training or be taking a ballet class once a week. Suggested classes  Ballet ( once weekly can be arranged as a companion class for Lyrical) Teen/Adult Ballet Monday Night,  Call 206-935-3777 for questions.

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