SM 20 Power Barre | Adult | Wednesdays and Fridays | 9 to 10am |

Power Barre |  Teen/ Adult | Wednesdays and  Fridays  | 9 to 10am | 

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Class will be offered live starting July 8th and students are welcome in the studio. or via ZOOM just register here for classes

 Instructor: Christine Juarez, Director WSPA

Power Barre class is a challenging, fast-paced workout  Come work on increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility by working each muscle group to exhaustion. Walk away a stronger you! Recommended equipment...  something to hold onto ( Barre or stationary chair,lightweights 3- 6 pounds, mat, pillow or yoga block. we can flex with all of this and students will also be given modifications on exercises. 

Attire: Leggings, traditional workout clothes, Mat, Water, Bare Feet.

Category: Conditioning