F 21 Creative Play | Wednesdays| 11:00-11:45 | Oct 7- Nov 25 | Juarez | 1 year - yrs |

F 21 Creative Play | Wednesdays| 11:00-11:45 | Oct. 7- Nov 25 | Juarez | 8 classes  $195

  A fun way to interact with your toddler! A guided movement and dance session with props, stories and Music. Parents can drop off kids and 

Instructor: Amorita Juarez, WSPA Staff


 Instructor Bio: 

Amorita Studied dance throughout her life at Cornish College of the Arts Preparatory Program and with Vashon Center for the Arts. She has performed and assisted in productions throughout her adult life and is currently on Administrative Staff at WSPA. Although she has followed her love of science into the field as a CNA and continues to pursue Nursing Studies she is a natural with young children and has an innate joy in the sense of play that makes her a great fit for this class!

Class Description:

Join us and enter into the world of guided play a precursor into a formal dance class. This 45 minutes is crafted for interaction between adult/caretaker and toddler. Musical instruments, Rhythms, tempo, dynamics, accents and songs start off this fast paced guided time. Shapes, streamers, scarves facilitate exploring pathways and sequences. Mats, hula hoops, balls and magic wands all help your toddler get to know their body and how it can move and help them interact with the world around them. Join us for this 9 class series and make Wednesday a great mid-week day!