NEW TIME !F 21 Jazz 4/5 | Ages 11 to 15 | Wednesday | 4:15- to 5:15 |

  F 21 Jazz  4/5  | Ages 11 to 15 | Wednesday |   4:15- to 5:15|

Tentative Performance Dates: December 10,11,12th

Winter Break: December 20th- January 2nd

Starts September 13 - January 27

Instructor: Kellsie Steele, WSPA Dance Faculty



 Jazz 3- 4 will be a fun and energy-filled class that will teach the fundamentals of jazz including, body isolations, across the floor, floor work, and choreography and improvisation.  This class is an entry-level class and is also appropriate for dancers who have minimal dance training. To graduate to Jazz Level 5 dancers will be required to take ballet classes.

Attire: Black leggings,  or solid colored leotard any color. Black jazz shoes, Hair must be worn back in a ponytail. Black dance shorts are also acceptable. 

Category: Dance, Theatre

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