Mu 21 Music Lessons Child/Adult | 4 lesson Monthly| 60 minutes each | 6- Adult |

  Music Lessons  Child/Adult   |   5 lesson Monthly|  60 minutes each | 6-  Adult |

4 lessons 60 minutes each | 6-  Adult  |

 $240 for 4 60-minute lessons  

 Payment for lessons will before the first lesson. We will take into account t the weeks in the month, based on your lesson day. holidays and vacations will be excluded. Please register online at
- Time slots will be fixed and any request for changes will be considered depending on availability.  Scheduling gets messy when lesson times are moved around, so in an effort stay consistent week to week, you will have a slot that is yours and your only.  Email for a slot.

- We appreciate not canceling your lesson. 

Instructor: WSPA Music Faculty


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