SM 21 Open Adult Intermediate Ballet | Monday | 5:45-7:00| July 12-Aug. 9 |

SM 21   Open  Adult  Intermediate  Ballet  |  Monday | 5:45-7;00|  July 12-Aug. 9 |

 Drop-in Price $35  for a single class. Summer Pro- Ration available

 5-week class July 12- August 9 


  Instructor Era Terry,  WSPA Dance Faculty

Open  Adult/Teen Int.  Ballet is a perfect class for those who may have danced in the past or have been dancing and are ready for a full ballet class.  There will be a focus on building a strong core and proper alignment to allow the body to work economically and easily within its structure. Barre work, stretching, center floor exercises and combinations across the floor will be introduced and taught for all types of learners.   Petite Allegro/ Grand Allegro will also be taught and options for lower impact jumps will be offered as an alternative. Focus on Turning and longer combinations will be integrated into this  A love of moving, music and camaraderie will all be embraced.

Attire: Comfortable leggings,  leotard, t-shirts, ballet slippers, Hair back

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