F 20 Adult Drop In DANCE Class | $44.00 | 2 hour dance class | Can be used for any 2 hour class class

WSPA offers a drop-in class option for Adult Dance Classes and Conditioning Classes only for our Fall and Spring Terms.  

 SPECIAL! WSPA does offer a Drop-in package at a discount for adults purchasing 10 classes.

Adults have the option of purchasing single drop-in classes by loading their carts. WSPA will add them to our drop-in log book. Instructors will record their attendance.

Please note what class you are registering for and “ Live Spot in Class” or “ Zoom Participant.”

Please call or email to confirm your drop-in class is in session and has met the minimum enrollment.

WSPA offers drop-in classes for our summer sessions to all  Youth and Adults for a flexible summer option. 

 Youth classes are offered as an 18-week term only. Youth register for a term and can arrange payment plans upon request. 

Category: Dance

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