SP 20 Ballet 3 | Ages 9 | (Mon/Thurs) | 5:45 to 7:15pm |

|SP 20 Ballet 3 | Ages 9 |  (Mon/Thurs) | Mon 5:45 to 7:15pm  | 36 classes.

54 hours of instruction  (Juarez) 36 classes. 54 hours of instruction  $1,300(Juarez)

Classes January 27th- June 1st

  Performance Dates: May 16- 17th Cheif Sealth

 No Registration, Production or Costume Fees

 Rehearsal 3 is typically taken along with this class. Rehearsal 3 is solely devoted to working with a choreographer on classical ballet choreography for the Spring Production -Meets Thursday 7:15-7:45

Attire:  Purchase attire online   " Discount Dance Supply use our code TP118227     Link to Discount Dance

Pink Tights ( Bloch T1935G Adaptatoe Elite Children's Convertible Tights) 

Shoes (  Hanami 2037W Pink Ballet Slipper) runs very narrow for a wider foot   (BunnyHop Slipper SO225G Pink)

 Leotard: Lulli Girls Brushed Cotton Leotard Lavendar discountdance.com style # LuB203C)

Boys: White ankle socks, White Ballet Slippers, white  Short Sleeve Leotard

 Instructor: Christine Juarez, Director WSPA


Christine Juarez- (Mon)  Director WSPA

 Madeline Morser, (Thurs ) Dance Faculty

 Christine Juarez, Executive Director of West Seattle Performing Arts, has been  directing dance programs for the past 26 years. She has served as the Summer Dance Coordinator directing a national program and teaching for the  Preparatory Dance Faculty at Cornish College of the Arts since 1994- 2018. She has served as an integral part of the External Programming team for the college. She served as the acting  Director of Dance for Vashon Center for the Arts since 1996- 2017 on Vashon Island, WA and the Artistic Director of the Vashon Center for the Arts, a pre-professional dance company, Christine has dedicated two decades bringing  the classical and contemporary arts to communities in the Seattle area . She holds a M.S. from Indiana University in Modern dance and Physical Sciences and a B.S. in Ballet and Music from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. Christine is a Master Artist in Residence for the state of Washington and enjoys collaborative projects annually with classroom teachers integrating academics and movement. She has been a presenter of Early Movement Education for the Dance Educators Association of Washington and numerous other conferences. Christine started dance in Philadelphia as a young girl and was trained in the Vaganova  syllabus of Ballet.


  Class Description:

Ballet 3 can be used as an introductory level for those students 10-11 years who show the maturity to dive in and work hard. Students would be asked to take a placement class if they are new to dance and have not taken ballet in the past 2 years. Ballet 3 can also can be taken as a sequential class following Ballet 2. The concepts of locomotion, body awareness, pathways, dance vocabulary, sequencing, musicality, and a strong emphasis on anatomy, core strength and the use of proper alignment are strongly taught at this level. An 18 week curriculum is followed that bases each class on concepts of movement, space or the body and how it functions.

A twist on the traditional classical ballet class we will begin each class with a vigorous series of locomotor movements across the floor, for example: skips, gallops, chasses, and prances. Ballet 3 continues with a full barre, center work petite allegro and grand allegro exercises. It continues to dig deeper into the classical ballet vocabulary French vocabulary and the use of musical terms such as; Adagio, moderato, allegro, and presto. This is strictly a technique class. Students wishing to need to register for Rehearsal 3 which meets after class on Wednesdays. Those enrolled will have 2-3 dances in our Seasonal Concert. Contemporary /Modern 3 is highly recommended along with Rehearsal for this level.

Teaching philosophy: I have a very strong philosophy of respect in the classroom. student to teacher, teacher to student ,students to each other, the space and the learning environment. Every student is an individual that learns in a unique way. My job as a teacher is to choose the best language and examples to create a stimulating and playful learning environment. I choose to eliminate negative words in the classroom like” No”,” not” or” wrong.” I believe in transparency. I crave an authentic and healthy relationship with both my students and their families.

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