SP 20 Introduction to Adult Flamenco | Beg/Int. | Wednesdays | 7:15 to 8:30pm|

Flamenco Adult | Experienced Beginner | Wednesdays | 7:15 to 8:30pm | Join Anytime | $30 drop in 

January 29th - June 3rd

 Instructor:  Daniela  Serrano, WSPA Dance Faculty



Introduction to Flamenco Dance This class is an introduction to flamenco dance. It will include some instruction on the history and roots of flamenco music and dance, the culture and the elements of flamenco, including baile (dance), toque (playing - usually refers to guitar), and cante (singing). Students will start off by learning basic techniques, including body positions, hand and arm movements, simple footwork and palmas (hand-clapping) patterns. We’ll cover the basics using repetitive, slow movements to support dancers as they learn to combine steps in succession. This class is appropriate for adults who are interested in dance, movement, Spanish culture, and folkloric music and dance. This is the class for you if you are brand new to flamenco or if you just want to slowly work on basic skills & principles. Flamenco is great for people who never considered themselves dancers and for dancers alike. You are not too old to start! At the completion of the class, the student can expect the following outcomes:

• Build confidence while increasing muscle strength and brain health • Improve rhythm and expand knowledge of a different culture

• Challenge brain by building new motor patterns and neural connections

• Learn to perform simple combinations of movements with the arms, hands, feet and palmas to flamenco rhythms Materials needed:

• Flamenco or character shoes are recommended. Any shoe with a hard sole and a bit of a heel is acceptable. However, if that is not comfortable for you, any comfortable footwear will do.

• Comfortable clothing that facilitates movement. Women may wear a full skirt.

Located in the heart of the West Seattle Junction at 4210 SW Edmunds Street WSPA is an ideal destination for students from West and South Seattle and easy to get to from anywhere in town. 

  Attire: Flamenco Shoes or hard soles shoes for men and women. Comfortable clothes. Women are encouraged to purchase a Flamenco Skirt available through our the number below  for $30. For more information contact Rubina at 206 932 4067 or at carmona2@comcast.net.

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