SP 20 Jazz Lab 3/ 4 | Ages 9 to 12 | Thursday | 4:30-5:15 |

  Jazz Lab 3/ 4 | Ages 9 to 12 | Thursday |4:30-5:15| 

Performance  May 16- 17 Chief Sealth

January 30- June 6

Instructor: Sydney Buckley, WSPA Dance Faculty


 Jazz 3/ 4 will be a fun and energy filled class that will teach the fundamentals of jazz including, body isolations, across the floor, floor work and  choreography and improvisation.  This class is an entry level class and is also appropriate for dancers who have minimal dance training. To graduate to Jazz Level 5 dancers will be required to take ballet class.

Attire: Black leggings,  or solid colored leotard any color. Black jazz shoes, Hair must be worn back in a pony- tail. Black dance shorts also acceptable. 

Category: Dance, Theatre