SP 20 NEW TIME! Modern 5 | Ages 11 to 18 | Thursdays | 7:15- 8:30| 18 weeks (Morser)

Modern 5 | Ages 11 to 18 | Thursdays | 7:30to 8:45pm | 18 weeks | $545 (Morser)

January 30- June 5

 Performance Dates: May 16- 17

Instructor: Madeline Morser, WSPA Dance Faculty

No Registration, Production or costume fees

Class Descriptions:

Modern 5 is a contemporary discipline that embraces work through the spine and the use of space, level and time while emphasizing dynamics and musicality. This is a technical class but will also include improvisational choices. New students are encouraged to take a placement class. A companion class of Teen Ballet is also encouraged to strengthen technique.

Class Attire:

Black leggings, solid colored leotard, hair in pony tail, t- shirts are permitted.



Category: Dance