SP 20 NEW DAY !Teen/ Adult Ballet Barre | Tuesdays |7:30-8:45 | Morser |

 SP 20  NEW DAY !Teen/ Adult Ballet Barre | Tuesdays   |7:30-8:45  | Morser |

Classes January 28th

 Instructor: Madeline Morser


Class Description: This is an introductory classical ballet class that will focus on Barre work that creates strong core muscles, coordination, musicality and the integration of the mind and body. This is a great way to get back into ballet if you have had decades off or literally step into classical training if you have always wanted to train. Give it a try!

  Attire: Comfortable, stretchy clothing, leggings, solid leotard,tight t-shirts hair back, pink ballet slippers. 

Category: Dance