J 23| Ballet 1 | Ages 7 yrs | Saturdays | 10:00 to 11:15 | Tepley

J Term 23 Ballet 1 | Ages 7 yrs  | Saturdays |   10:00 to  11:15 | Tepley

18 weeks  January 7th -January 28th

No Registration, Production, or Costume Fees! Positive Learning Environment

Instructor: Sana Tepley, WSPA Dance Faculty


Attire: Pink ballet slippers split sole, pink ballet tights, Turquoise tank Leotard. NO SKIRTS

Online purchase or example www.discountdance.com  N5501C turquoise tank leotard

 Pink Tights ( Bloch T1935G Adaptatoe Elite Children's Convertible Tights) 

 Shoes (  Hanami 2037W Pink Ballet Slipper) runs very narrow for a wider foot   (BunnyHop Slipper SO225G Pink)

Boys: White ankle socks, White Ballet Slippers, white  Short Sleeve Leotard


   Ballet 1 is an introductory level that builds on the concepts of locomotion, body awareness, pathways, dance vocabulary, sequencing, and a strong sense of anatomy. An 18-week curriculum is followed that bases each class on a strong concept of movement, space, or the body and how it works. A twist on the traditional classical ballet class we will start each with a class with a vigorous series of locomotor movements across the floor, for example skips, gallops, chasses, and prances. Ballet 1 digs deeper into the classical ballet vocabulary with a beginner barre , center floor, and jumping sections of the class. Peer-to-peer correction, French vocabulary, and the use of musical terms such as; Adagio, moderato, allegro, presto, etc are all woven into the class for a full experience.


Teaching philosophy: I have a very strong philosophy of respect in the classroom. Student to teacher, Teacher to Student,Students to each other, space and the learning environment. Every student is an individual that learns in a unique way. My job as a teacher is to choose the best language and examples to create a stimulating and playful learning environment. I choose to eliminate negative words in the classroom like” No”,” not” or” wrong.” I believe in transparency. I crave an authentic and healthy relationship with both my students and their families.