SM 21 Modern Teen Intermediate | Tuesdays 4:30--pm-5:30pm | Ages 11-13 yrs.| July 13- Aug 10|

 SM 21    Modern  Teen Intermediate |   Tuesdays 4:30-5:30pm | Ages 11- 13 yrs.| July 13- Aug 10| 
 Faculty: Juilyan Wolfe,  WSPA Dance Faculty

Jilyan Wolfe, Bio

Jilyan was born and raised in Massachusetts before moving to West to obtain her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Education from Arizona State University. She has had the opportunity to teach in studios, middle schools, high schools, and day & overnight camps in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Arizona and Washington. Predominately trained in modern and jazz, Jilyan has also studied ballet, tap, and acrobatics. She holds two levels of certification through Acrobatic Arts, a certification through International Dance Teaching Standards, and has completed the Summer Dance Institute for Teachers at the Creative Dance Center, expanding her knowledge of Brain Compatible Dance Education.

Jilyan takes a personal approach to teaching dance. Her focus is on combining proper technique while exploring self-expression, confidence, and personal growth. She is dedicated to educating dancers about all areas of dance including its rich history, kinesiological principles and choreographic methods. More than anything, Jilyan is focused on having fun in the classroom and creating a love for dance and movement. 
y Modern/  will present class techniques and contemporary styles in a this5-week course that embraces a full spectrum of movement including working through a rounded spine as well as tilted balances, movement on the floor, and patterns across the floor. Working with the music, understanding tempo and rhythmic patterns will be taught. Combinations will be built in each class and reviewed the following week  to gain confidence and mastery.
 Attire: Black Leggings, Solid colored black leotard- T-shirts may be worn. Hair must be back in a ponytail.

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