SM 21 Pre- Ballet Level 2/Ballet 1 | Saturdays | 10:00-11:00 | 6- 7 yrs | July 17-Aug 14 |

SM 21  Pre- Ballet Level 2/Ballet 1   | Saturdays | 10:00-11:00  | 6- 7  yrs | 
 July 17, 24, 31 August 7,14

Instructor:  Christine Juarez, Director WSPA
 Description: Pre- Ballet Level 1 and Pre- Ballet Level 2  (6- 7 yrs). This is an introductory class or a continuation of those studying Pre- Ballet Level 1 or 2. The class will emphasize and builds on locomotion, fine motor skills, basic ballet movement vocabulary, basic barre work and include stretching and balancing at the barre, centre floor exercises peppered with imagery and storylines to encourage sequencing. A strong introduction to tempo, counting, Rhythm, percussion instruments, . Fun imagery, props, and joy are all a recipe for Pre- Ballet level 1/ Pre- Ballet Level 2.
Attire: PLEASE NO SKIRTS- They are adorable but trip the little guys up when they want to bend over and move around.  Pink tank Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair in a bun all allow for a base costume and clean palette to work with.

Category: Dance

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