The Magic of Puppetry | M-F | 9am-4pm | 7-10 yrs| July 10-14

The Magic of Puppetry      M-F       9am-4pm   7-10 yrs.          July 10-14

Materials fee Included:

Faculty: Kyleigh Archer  Puppetry, Austin Sexton,, Movement Exploration

Kyleigh Archer graduated from Cornish College of the Arts on a full ride scholarship for Theater and Performance Production. Raised in youth theater, she has been involved over 100 productions: acting, directing, choreographing, singing, costuming and designing. She has been teaching for the last five years, implementing appropriate LSR curriculum in after school programs like the Boys and Girls Club of America. Ms. Archer believes that through theater, students can learn empathy and body awareness, as well as practical skills like: carpentry, sewing, geometry and engineering, that will aid students later in life.

 Students  will create paper marionettes along with the creation characters of puppets the  camp is for deepening characters and putting together an informal showing . The final day will end with the creation of the puppet and then the students perform their screaming mimi ballet and the brown paper bag man routines. Daily classes will also include basic movement class ex

 Sample Daily Schedule:

9am-10am: Improv Games and Icebreaker

10am-11am: Puppet Lecture

 11am-11:15am: Break

11:15am-12pm: Character Creation

     12pm-12:30pm: Lunch

      12:30pm-1pm: Ensemble Building

         1pm-2pm: The Anatomy of a Scene

          3pm-3:45pm: Brown Paper Man/Constructing a Puppet

             3:45pm-4pm: 1.   Wrap Up

            Final Performance July 14th