SM 20 Teen Int/Advanced Dance Intensive August 3-14 | 13-24 yrs | M-F | 9am-4pm

SM 20   Teen  Int/Advanced Dance Intensive  August 3-14| 12-24 yrs | M-F | 9am-4pm

  Audition for new students required for this Intensive.

 Call or email for an audition date: 206-935-3777 or

Previous dance experience required . Call 206-935-3777 for a placement questions and private placement  session.

 Instructors; Christine Juarez, Director of WSPA,  Kate Le Grand and Guest Dance Faculty.

  Camp Description:  The Teen Int/ Adv Dance Intensive is total immersion in  multi- disciplinary styles of  dance including Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Composition. The Intensive runs  for two weeks concentrating on building technical skills and artistry. Our goal is to push the dancer past their current level and give them a boost up as the enter back into their fall classes.

 We understand the value of dancers being strong actors onstage and a theater experience focusing on building characterization will also be included. Thursday "Specialty Workshops" in  turning, jumping, as well as lectures in Anatomy, Dance Vocabulary, and contemporary issues in Dance will round out the day. The popular composition class that presents choreographic exercises for each dancer and encourages them to find their own movement signature.

  Final Studio Showing is TBD according to social distancing protocol.

 Sample Daily Schedule:

9:00-10:30           Ballet/ Pointe   Intermediate  Advanced or Advanced  Level

10:30-10:45       Break- Juice and fruit provided

10:45- 11:45    Musical Theatre

11:45-12:15     Lunch ( Campers Bring Lunch)

12:15-1:30       Jazz MWF/ Modern T/TH 

1:30-2:30       Hip Hop MWF/ Modern Partnering or alternate Conditioning T/Th

2:30-3:00       Lecture:  History of Dance/Dance Anatomy/ Dance Vocab/ Dance Careers/ Famous Dancers/ The Future of Dance

3:00-4:00      Composition

Thursdays  Specialty workshops in Turning and Jumping , Contemporary Styles

 (2:15- 3:15)