Cast List/ Classes Performing Performances 12/16- 12/17

Ballet 7/ Advanced Cast List Nutcracker 2023 Performances December 16.17th

Congratulations to all of you for Auditions Well Done!

Dancers and Understudies are required to be at all the Rehearsals for their Parts at all times

Nutcracker           Kate Edelstein          Understudy Louisa Glicko

Mouse Queen       Sylvi Schellong        Understudy  Natalie Warren

Clara                      Mia Seagraves        Understudy Elsa Vogl

Sugar Plum Fairy   Lizzie Green           Understudy  Alyssa Noble

Dew Drop Fairy      Olivia Rutledge       Understudy Callie Budiansky

Snow Queen             Natalie Warren      Understudy Oliva Rutledge

Princess' of Sweets    Emme Bajocich/Natalia Zambiasi

                                                               Understudies: Lois Barton/ Finlay McRae

Mon Chef                  Calli Budiansky         Understudy Emme Bajocich

Spanish/Chocolate Lead  Louisa Glicko   Understudy Syliv Schellong

Russian Lead              Lois Barton               Understudy   Kate Edelstein 

Waltz Queen             Finlay McRae              Understudy Natalia Zambiasi

Tea Lead                     Alyssa Noble              Understudy  Louisa Glicko


Ballet 6B    Spanish Corps, Snow Corps

Ballerina Dolls: Sage Lidell & Mila Hall

 Solider Dolls: Isabelle Sewell & Isla McClure

 Harlequin Dolls: Zora Stem- Calderon @ Elsa Vogl


Ballet 5B

Ballet 1 ( Monday/Saturday Classes)   Gingerettes

Ballet 2   Party Girls and  Boys

Ballet 3  Party Girls and Boys-  Characters in the Land of Sweets

Ballet 4 Battle Scene/ 

Boys Dance Tarantella

More coming.....