SM 24Adult Intermediate Tap | Wednesdays | July 6:00-7:00| 5 weeks| (Raynolds)

 SM 24 Adult Intermediate  | Wednesdays | 6:00-7:00 |  

July 10-  Aug 7  ( 5 classes ) 

Pro- ration available in advance for summer classes.

 Instructor: Dorie Raynolds, WSPA Dance Faculty

Description: Adult  Beginner /Intermediate Tap  is open to  those who have never have had tap in the past and are ready for an evening full of warm ups, isolations, combinations and jumps. This class is a non- performing class.  Endurance,  flexibility, Musicality and attitude will all be included in this dynamic paced  Wednesday  night!

  Attire: Comfortable Clothing and Tap Shoes.


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