SM 24 Creative Movement | Saturdays | 9am-10am | Ages 3-4 | July 13-Aug 10| Tepley

SM 24 Creative Movement Saturdays  9am- 10am

Ages 3-4 yrs   July 13,20,27  August 3,10

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Faculty: Sana Tepley, WSPA Dance Faculty


Creative Movement Saturdays is a joyful exploration of space and movement with an emphasis on music, tempo, and locomotion, and the human Skeleton. A strong mind/body connection will be nurtured as students explore how their bodies work with Mr. Bones! They will learn to move and isolate body parts and use pathways and shapes to move through the class. New concepts are introduced weekly, opposite, up/down, joints, bones, closed/open and so many more.  Creative imagery, language storytelling will be all used. This is an action-packed informative class with a lot of content!


Attire: PLEASE NO SKIRTS. They trip the dancers and get in the way for upside down exercises. Pink, tank leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers serve as a palette for us to build costuming on. Hair in a bun. No Jewelry.


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