WSPA Birthday Packages Child/Adult

WSPA Loves to make your Day a special  Birthday!


You are the sole rental during your stay. WSPA provides. Party table, chairs, table cloths, napkins, forks, juice, cups, fresh flowers on all tables, cake knife, lighter, candles ( ice chest if requested).

Adult parties provide, non- breakable glassware, cheese and fruit platters in addition to cake. 

WSPA is a 3-hour rental including a 1-hour class of your choice. Choice from any performing art:  Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Make a Dance, Story Telling, Singing along with Instruments,  Acting, Karaoke, Tango, Tap classes, cha cha, ballroom, adult hip hop or get a custom dance choreographed to your favorite song. 

  • Here is the general flow of the day for the birthday:

  •  Families arrive with any additional set up ( decorations or food that they want to bring in They have one-half hour to set up( that is included in the 3 hours)

  •  Guest arrive at your official start time for the party. ( 15- 20 minutes) 

  • The 1-hour class begins about 15- 20 minutes after guest arrival. ( 1 hour) 

  • Cake and food in the party room 

  •  Families often bring a Pinata or a game to play after cake.  

  • WSPA provides a cake of your choice: You get to decide the following: 

 Cake Flavor: _____________________________________

Chocolate or Vanilla Cake

 Half and Half - Chocolate on one side and Vanilla on another

 Layered: Chocolate on top and Vanilla on bottom or the opposite.

Filling Between Cake Layers:_________________________

Chocolate cream

Vanilla cream





( other)

Icing_in Cake____________________________________________



Any Color ( Pink, Purple, Yellow any color...)