J 24 Boys Ballet 2 | Mondays 4:00-5:30 /Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 | Ages 6-11 | Juarez and Mr. Fontana | |$300| 4 weeks|

Class starts January 4th

Spring registration is open NOW





Instructor: Thomas Fontana , WSPA Guest Artist/ Co- Taught by Mrs. Juarez

Attire: Black or solid-colored leggings, sweats, biker shorts, tight t-shirt ( for upside down). Bare feet. Lots of energy!


Boys only! Dance is open to active boys and athletes and those who just want to move

Males have been the premiere dancers since the beginning of time. The American culture stresses sports over dance. Boys don't often think of dance as athletic or challenging. The truth is dance has been a training ground for some of our strongest athletes.

Dance trains, quick change of direction, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, teamwork, self-discipline, range of motion Deleting repeated word and so much more. WSPA offers a fusion of athleticism blended with some of the best movement training available.

 Open to boys 6- 11 yrs. Class will begin with a fun warm up across the room exploring locomotion, galloping, leaping, turning, kicking, crawls etc. Upper body strength will be added with inversions and balances on the hands with the aid of the barre. Body isolations, partnering, flexibility. Sequencing will be stressed. Come have a blast with Boys only! Dance. No prior experience necessary.