SP 23 Creative Movement | Ages 3-4 | Saturday | 9:00-10:00 | 18 weeks|


F22 Creative Movement | Ages 3-4  | Saturday | 9:00-10:00 | 18 weeks

No Registration, Costume, or Performance Fees! 

 Tentative Performance Dates:  Dec 8,9,10

Winter Break Dec 19- Jan 1

Instructor: Christine Juarez, WSPA Dance Director


  Attire: Girls pink tights, pink leotard, pink ballet slippers NO SKIRTS they cover the legs and inhibit movement. 

Pink Tights ( Bloch T1935G Adaptatoe Elite Children's Convertible Tights) 

Shoes (  Hanami 2037W Pink Ballet Slipper) run very narrow for a wider foot   (BunnyHop Slipper SO225G Pink)

Leotard  Bloch Girls Essential  Tank Leotard Pink.

Boys: White ankle socks, White Ballet Slippers, white  Short Sleeve Leotard


Creative Movement  Saturday is a joyful exploration of space and movement with an emphasis on music, tempo, and locomotion. A strong mind/body connection will be nurtured as students explore how their bodies work and move and how they can isolate body parts and use pathways and shapes to move through the class. New concepts are introduced weekly, opposite, up/down, joints, bones, closed/open and so many more.  Creative imagery, language, and props will be all used.