J 23| Level 1 | Ages 7-9 yrs | Wednesdays | 4:45-5:30 | Location ALki Masonic Lodge

J Term 23  Youth Tap Level 1 | Ages 7-9 yrs | Wednesdays | 4:45-5:30 |

Location our extension campus: Alaska/Fauntleroy Junction at 4736 40th Ave SW.

 Starts:  January 4th - January 25th

 Dori Raynolds, WSPA  Dance Faculty

Youth Tap Level 1  years and is open to students who have taken a tap class in the past or are new to tap and are at the age range for this level.  Students should be   ready to learn the basics and more.  The class will encompass strong locomotion across the floor, traditional footwork and repetition of musical rhythms, and a strong sense of musicality. Body percussion and basic combinations will also be taught. The more complex combination will be introduced as students progress.

The dress code Black leggings and solid colored t- shirt,  or leotard,  white socks with  tap shoes. Hair back and no jewelry.