FREE CLASS ! F 23 | Chair Conditioning | Mondays and Wednesdays | 10:00-11:00 am

Start Sept 11th -Jan 24th

 I love this class for all ages ! IF they can zoom they can join in!

F 23 | Chair Conditioning for  |  Mondays &  Wednesdays|10:00- 11:00 |p.m.

  Light Weights/ stretch bands and a ball or yoga block can be added in 

 Zoom Link Below: 

Topic: Chair Conditioning Wednesday and Fridays West Coast Time 10:00- 11:00
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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Meeting ID: 856 1979 1097
Passcode: WSPA


Free outreach class for Senior Community     

Instructor: Christine Juarez: WSPA Director

Description: Ready to start something for your body in a safe and friendly environment. Exercise for Beginners and those who want an entry level conditioning experience. Range of Motion, core strengthening, stretching the use of  chairs, stretchy bands, barres all taught with modifications for those coming in with injuries or  pain. Our goal is to improve you life not mold your body. We want you to feel better when you leave this class and want to come back for more.

Christine Juarez is the director of WSPA and has had a dream to have a space that is private and safe for those who have never or who have gotten away from integrating  range of motion and gentle stretching into their lives. Lights low, music, and starting on chairs with clear direction. The goal for exercise for Non Exercisers/Positive Sizes is to claim your range of motion in a slow methodical way that makes you feel good. All welcome.


 Attire: Suggested- Sweats, leggings, shorts. Tank top, t-shirt. Attire you can move well in. Shoes that grip, sneakers or rubber soles.

Bring:  Water bottle, pillow-Suggested to add in light weights, stretchy band


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