Spring 2024 Jazz 6 /Musical Theater Dance | Ages13-18 | Tuesdays | 5:00-6:00 | Juarez | $480| 18 weeks|

Spring 24  Jazz 6 /Musical Theater Dance      | Ages13-18 |

Tuesdays |   5:00-6:00   |  Juarez | $480| 18 weeks| 

Class Open-  $480

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F 23  Jazz 6 /Musical Theater Dance      | Ages 13-18| Tuesdays |   5:00-6:00  |  Juarez

 Starts January 30th

 Spring Break April 8th - 13th
Memorial Day May 27th

Instructor: Christine Juarez, Director WSPA Dance Faculty

  Description:  4/5 will be a fun and energy-filled class that will teach the fundamentals of jazz including, body isolations, across the floor, floor work, and choreography and improvisation.  The class will also teach a 'Musical Theater Segment and choreograph scenes from Hamilton. 

Attire: Black leggings,  or solid-colored leotard any color. Black jazz shoes, Hair must be worn back in a ponytail. Black dance shorts are also acceptable. 

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